Booking TVC specializes in providing management software solutions, including Media Booking System on TV.
Media Booking System utilizes optimal search algorithms and data transfer technologies.

Price list

Manage price list by each time code, number of seconds, time of application.


Manage the purchase price (cost of goods sold), sales on each channel, time code.

Booking Form

Manage ad schedules, track broadcast status on each ad spot.

Gross Profit Margin

Analysis of cost of good sold, revenue, profit in many ways: customer, supplier, Tv station, channel, time code, brand name...

Rating & Chart

Track the rating on each time code, graph the code with each time tracking rating

Target & Actual

Track and compare planned and actual targets by week, month, quarter, year, or a specified period.

Recent Works

We have many softwares such as: Media Booking System (MBS), Inventory Management System (IMS), Accounting Visual DPD,
Content Management System (CTS), Portfolio Management System (PMS) on Vietnamse stocks market, Wedding Banquet, Construction Material Norms Management, Office for leasing Management. Here in after are some of typical pictures describing functions and interfaces of Media Booking System:

TVC stands for "Television Commercial", which advertises TV commercials that usually range from 15 seconds to 60 seconds. Depending on the type of TVC different that TVC will have different lengths of time.


Rating is a unit that evaluates the interest of viewers, customers in a particular program or product. Based on the Rating Index, media companies or manufacturers will receive relatively accurate social feedback on their products.


Price list:

Price history management is applied on each channel, time code, duration of advertisement.


Manage the discount rate, discount for each contract of purchase and sale by each supplier, customer on each channel, time code for each period of time applied.


Booking Forms:

Input ad scheduling data, buy and sell concurrently. Print ad schedules for TV stations, ad agencies, or ad providers.



Based on the data of booking form, the software automatically calculates the gross profit margin for each customer, brand, or criterion.


Analysis Rating:

Based on the rating data imported from the Excel file from a specified data source, the software will graph graphs by each time code.


Diagram Objective & Reality:

Based on the target set and actual data achieved, the software draws a comparison of objective and actual graphs.


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