Composing booking forms, analysing revenue, cost of goods sold, gross profit for each objects and draw the graph for each period by option: Week, Month, Quarter, Year. Multi-users, running on the Internet, reporting in real time.

Here are some pictures depicting functions and interfaces MBS:

Main Menu

List of sale contracts, the left window lists contracts, the middle window shows the discount of the channel, the right window is a discount of some special time codes which are differnt with the channel's discount (if any).

List of time codes and unit prices of each duration. Select the TV station, select the channel, select time code in the left window, see the corresponding in the right window.

Details of booking form, customer selection, product selection, sale contract. Continuously, select the channel, select the time code, select the purchasing contract, select the days of the month corresponding to each time code for each row.

Summary of net advertising revenue (after deducting discounts).

Summary of revenue and cost of goods sold by time Code.

Summary of revenue and cost of goods sold by Brand.

Summary of cost of goods sold by Supplier.

Summary of revenue by Customer.

Analysis of gross profit margin according to optional objects: Customers, Suppliers, Channels, Time Codes, Brands.

Analyze revenue on periods and draw the graph by options: Week, Month, Quarter, Year.

Analysis of revenue and cost of goods sold by subjects and periods by options: Week, Month, Quarter, Year and Customer, Supplier, TV station, Channel. There are 16 results corresponding to 16 options needed to report.