With 10 years of work experience in the media advertising industry, we have found the solution to manage the price list of thousands of time slots in more than 100 channels across the country while the slots being changed daily, weekly. Secondly, tracking the unit price of the time slots for each multiple of 5-second length and storing PDF or Excel files will be very difficult to find and sort the price list in chronological order.

With years of experience in database designing and programming, we have developed Visual DPD accounting software and sales management software for household goods distribution systems since 2005. Our software has hundreds of accounting functions to manage data and create tax and financial reports. In addition, since 2013, we I have developed Media Booking software, solving the code management problem of TV channels in the price list. This website will share some of the methods that solve the above problems. Please feel free to try this feature in the TVC Price List section.

We are one of the studious, enthusiastic, experienced accounting managers, financial accountants of large scale companies in many different fields such as household consuming products, telecommunication services, media advertising, and media booking. At the same time, we also design database, create database, and write codes for Forms and Reports. Therefore, we have many advantages when publishing software applications for the departments of accounting, sales, planning, Media Booking, and the board of directors. Media Booking Ad Scheduling System is an example in the media industry.

Our company's primary goal is to provide solutions for the application of information technology in management in accordance with our customer's needs.


We are better than yesterday, but not as good as tomorrow!

Dung Dinh

Founder and CEO

We help businesses all over the country to harness the power of Information Technology in a cost effective way with our proactive solutions in the area of management.

We are dedicated to provide high focus to all the clients without any differences. All the clients are equal and important to us.